I am Self Taught...

I am Self Taught...

Self-taught artists have been making our mark on the art world for centuries. Us artists have the drive and determination to hone our craft without the formal education that many artists receive. Here, I will explore the world of self-taught artists and what sets us apart from their formally educated counterparts.

One of the defining characteristics of self-taught artists is our unique perspective. These artists often have a distinct point of view that comes from our personal experiences and interests. We are not constrained by traditional artistic conventions and can push the boundaries of what is considered "art." This freedom allows us to create work that is truly unique and often thought-provoking.

Another defining characteristic of self-taught artists is our resourcefulness. Without the benefit of a formal education, these artists must often learn through trial and error. They must also be able to find and make use of resources that are available to them. This can include anything from online tutorials to art supply stores to books. Our resourcefulness allows us to overcome obstacles and continue to improve our craft.

Self-taught artists also possess a strong work ethic. These artists often have to work harder than those with formal educations to achieve success. They must be willing to put in the time and effort to hone their craft and make a name for themselves in the art world. This work ethic is evident in the dedication and passion that they bring to their art.

Despite the challenges that self-taught artists face, many have achieved great success in the art world. Folk artist Grandma Moses, for example, began painting in her seventies and quickly gained recognition for her unique and whimsical paintings. Similarly, outsider artist Henry Darger was a self-taught artist who created a vast body of work that was not discovered until after his death. Today, his work is highly valued and exhibited in museums worldwide.

In conclusion, self-taught artists possess a unique perspective, resourcefulness, and work ethic that sets us apart from our formally educated counterparts. Our independent spirit and drive to succeed have allowed us to make a significant impact on the art world. It's a reminder that formal education is not a requirement to be successful as an artist. The passion and drive to create is all it takes.

Above painting is called "Stealing Beauty" painted in Oil 48 x 36 on canvas.

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