Original Art and Things by SAGJOL

Art made into unique and beautiful products - For those who don't like the ordinary.

At the end of the day

With rich hues of red, this autumn woods scene truly exhibits a depth of passion and fire that embodies the sentiment I felt whilst painting it.

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My Guardians...

Beautiful equestrian art, painted from memories...


Reflections on a lake with such beautiful hues of green and deep blues painted with a palette knife truly brings a room alive.



With its beautiful rich hues of greens and blues, Reflections is a magnificent painting that is painted with a palette knife on Canvas. A beautiful Poem is also available to read in my book, An Artist's Soul...

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No one will escape grief in their lives, here is my rendition of this feeling. "Tommy was painted with a Palette knife, on canvas...

What I hide from you

Rolled gold leaf and rich textured oil paint embody this deep emotional work. My poem, "What I hide from you" can be found in my book, An Artists Soul, found at the end of this page...


Lady in Blue

Rich blues and turquoise brings this painting alive. Lady in blue eludes a vibrancy and sereneness that pulls the viewer to her, drawing into her emotions as she captures the attention of any room she is placed.


Pure Love

Bring a pop of color to any space with this gorgeous pink and turquoise momma and baby elephant art. A truly bright and inspiring abstract piece that brings happiness and love to any room it is hung in...


Time to Spread some love...

Dont wait for Valentines Day to spread Love....Here you will find my unique hearts painted onto some of your favorite products...

All Original Art and Poetry by SAGJOL- AKA - Sarah Drury

SAGJOL is a word that I created by taking two letters from my, and my children's names. I sign all my art with SAGJOL and I always sign SAGJOL in red....

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