About Sarah



Born and raised in the English Countryside, most of my youth was spent roaming the small hedge rowed lanes and running through fields being chased by bulls, watching fox hunts and dodging sheep, or meandering through the bluebell covered woods as I'd head toward the Lakes to sit and loose myself. It all seems so idyllic apart from the drizzly rain and blustering winds of course.

I started to paint in my 40's. Without any training and no real experience, I fumbled a lot, but I would feel myself getting lost in the canvass, and that feeling was incredibly freeing. I decided not to sign my name on my art as these paintings were, quite honestly - not good. But, they were my soul, and it would take a long time for me to be ready to open up and explain my journey. So I made up a word, by taking two letters of mine and my Children's names. SAGJOL. I signed all my art with it, always in Red.

I paint my emotions, how I feel or once felt. Sometimes my paintings make sense to me, and sometimes they reveal themselves over time. What you see on here are a few of my favorites, ones that aren't so hard to explain, but ones that helped open a profound portal to my own Psyche. I really do hope that you enjoy them, and maybe one will evoke an emotion or memory of something in your own Psyche too.

I do hope you find something on here that you enjoy, and Thank you for taking the time to read and browse my site. I hope you will tell your friends and family as I will be adding more designs overtime.